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The epidemic has brought additional challenges to the property management industry. With the aim of ensuring the cleanliness of the property environment and the safety of clients, frontline colleagues not only keep working in their best shape, but also report duty on time and in place as usual. Savills Services Group (“SSG”), which has always cared for its staff, expressly held a "Movie Night" on May 28, 2021 at Cityplaza One to entertain the colleagues with a recent hot movie "Minari". In addition to furnishing colleagues a relaxing weekend, it also conveys the message of the Group’s motto, "Team Work", via the movie.

In the years since the epidemic has continued, Savills’ property management personnel served with unwearied diligence to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene and the safety of clients of its managing properties. Notwithstanding the tremendous stress, a sense of responsibility and mission is what drives all the property management personnel to perform their duties loyally.

SSG has a deep realization of the dedication of its colleagues in the past year. "Minari" is specifically selected to entertain the colleagues, as the theme of it fits in with the Group's culture of "Team Work".On the Movie Night, Mr. Raymond Lee, Chief Executive of Savills Greater China; Mr. Johnnie Chan, Chief Executive Officer of SSG; and Ms. Angela Chiu, Managing Director of SSG, attended and enjoyed the movie with the colleagues together.