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Vision and Value

We Do It Right

The road to success is never easy. It takes both perseverance and conviction to stay the course. From Guardian to Savills Guardian, it has been our unwavering faith that quality, not price, always comes first. For we believe that customers know what's best for them, and given time they will come to make the right choice. That is why most of our clients stay with us forever. It is their faith in us that drives us to continuously improve ourselves and set a higher service standard for all Group personnel.

We at Savills Guardian invite you to join those who appreciate quality and experience first hand our professional service.

Try us out, and you'll be glad you did.


Performance is at the summit to become the certain choice of client


To strive for providing gratifying and satisfactory quality service for client so as to let them live peacefully and work happily.

Core Values

  • To treat the managed premises as self-owned property, to deliver professional management service
  • To treat customer with respect, service is above all else
  • Team spirit, people-oriented