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Corporate Responsiblity

A household name you can trust

Guardian Property Management Limited, the flagship of the Savills Guardian Group, has been in business since 1977 when the concept of professional property management service was not known to many. Over the years, Guardian has taken an active part in contributing to the progression of the industry to its well regarded status today, both internally and externally. 

Benefiting from a resourceful pool of expertise, customers can be rest assured that professional services are readily available upon request or when unexpected situations arise. "Caring for customers' needs" has always been and will remain to be our motto.

Savills Guardian - a name synonymous with reliability and sincerity - caters to the demands of clients in a manner that not only meets but often exceeds their expectations.

Creating a better society

But being a conscientious employer alone is not enough to be qualified as a good corporate citizen. The modern day corporations must embrace also the core values of corporate social responsibility. Sustainable development, environmental protection, participation and reciprocation to the community are some of the major attributes and those which Savills Guardian has been actively involved in over the years.

Guardian held “Guardian Education Fund” by self funding since 2000. We have offered scholarship and subsidization to over 130 students every year.