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Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Penny’s Bay

About the Premises:

  • It consists of three hotels, namely HK Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and Disney Explorers’ Lodge Hotel.
  • The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is built on reclaimed land and opened on 12 September 2005.
  • G.F.A. (sq.ft.): 480,000 (HK Disneyland Hotel), 600,000 (Disney’s Hollywood Hotel) and 602,784 (Disney Explorers’ Lodge Hotel).
  • This architectural marvel combines the splendour of a vintage seaside resort with the magic of Disney.
  • Guardian provides over-night cleaning services and lighting replacement services for the hotels.

Our Achievements

  • At the time Guardian was appointed to perform overnight cleaning and lighting maintenance services, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and the Disney Hollywood Hotel were still under construction. We could hardly estimate the required manpower and work procedure as the finishing was not completed yet.
  • Our expertise only did estimation based on the limited information obtained. Finally, the estimation was very close to actual operation need.
  • As our good performance over the years was well recognized at sites, we were granted the contract of the 3rd hotel (Disney Explorers’ Lodge Hotel), and we took up the house keeping contract at Disney Hollywood Hotel in 2017.