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The epidemic has brought additional challenges to the property management industry. With the aim of ensuring the cleanliness of the property environment and the safety of clients, frontline colleagues not only keep working in their best shape, but also report duty on time and in place as usual. Savills Services Group (“SSG”), which has always cared for its staff, expressly held a "Movie Night" on May 28, 2021 

Best Management Award 2020


A "Best Management Award 2020" presentation ceremony was held to commend the outstanding performance of our colleagues from Savills Property Management Limited & Savills Guardian Group in the past year. A total of 17 commercial buildings and residential projects’ teams were awarded for their excellent performance and commendations from clients. Another 46 colleagues were awarded the "2020 Outstanding Manager", "Outstanding Management Officer" and "Outstanding Management Staff"  for their superlative performance and client recommendations, which illustrates the highest standards of Savills Services Group.

Savills Guardian Group – Gold Award for Volunteer Service (Organization)


Savills Guardian Group was awarded the “Gold Award for Volunteer Service (Organization)” in 2020 by the Social Welfare Department, which was affirmed and commended for the contribution and support in the volunteer service. Our volunteer team will continue to work hard in the future to reach out to people in need in society as well as contribute to environmental protection, in order to show the group's adherence to its core value "corporate social responsibility".

Guardian Received “Gold Award” in Commendation Scheme on Source Separation of Commercial & Industrial Waste (2019/20)


Guardian – CEO & CGO received “Commendation Scheme on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste (2019/20) – Gold Award” issued by the Environmental Protection Department to commend our outstanding performance in implementing effective waste separation and recovery initiatives within commercial & industrial buildings. Sustainable development and environmental protection are always some of the major attributes to Guardian. We will continue our active participation in relevant activities and to cope with the relevant policies to embrace the core values of corporate social responsibility.

Privacy-Friendly Awards – Gold Certificate to Savills Guardian


With rising public expectations on the protection of privacy relating to personal data, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD) has been advocating that organisations should embrace the protection of personal data privacy as part of their organisation policy and culture. The PCPD encourages institutional data users in both the public and private sectors in Hong Kong to participate in the Privacy-Friendly Awards 2021 (Awards) and become a member of the privacy-friendly community in promoting personal data privacy. Three "Privacy Protection Measures" are set as goals for organisations' participation. Depending on the number of "Privacy Protection Measures" already put in place or completed by an organisation, a Gold, Silver or Bronze "Privacy-Friendly" Certificate may be awarded to the organisation to recognise its efforts in promoting the protection of personal data privacy. Guardian was awarded "Privacy-Friendly Awards – Gold Certificate” that we are used to reinforce strong data protection via training, setting up of data security breach notification, and so forth.