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Chief Executive’s Office and Central Government Offices


About the Premises:

  • Located at 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong.
  • G.F.A. (sq.ft.): 1,066,081.
  • The Office Block is made up of two towers and forms a glass arch.
  • The complex was designed under the concept of "Door Always Open", symbolizing the pride that Hong Kong holds in its "openness and transparency of governance".
  • The complex was meant to be accessible to the public and integrated with the surrounding urban context and incorporates a range of public spaces.
  • Tamar Park passes through the complex, leading to the waterfront promenade on Victoria Harbour.

Our Achievements

  • Guardian started managing this Premises since 2011.
  • Numerous society activities held at site since its establishment.
  • Large amount of security personnel was demanded to support the site in a very short notice of time.
  • With strong headquarter support and flexibility in mobilizing well trained human resources to site, Guardian’s strong back-end support was highly appreciated by the client.
  • We successfully renewed 4 contracts with DAU though the competition were very keen.