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La Salle Primary School

Kowloon Tong

About the Premises:

  • The first La Salle Primary School was built in 1957, a brand-new school building was erected in 2002. 
  • G.F.A. (sq.ft.): 300,000.
  • The new building has introduced some fine new facilities. A massive Hall and Gymnasium occupies the whole top floor. There are state-of-the-art Computer Rooms, Language Rooms, Music Rooms, Library, Heated Indoor Swimming Pool, Parking Lot and Open Playground. The masterpiece is the School Chapel, a work of art.

Our Achievements

  • Guardian was appointed to provide service to the School since 2005.
  • Our School Facility Management Team would propose improvement suggestions to clients whenever we spot a need. For example, at the time we took over the management, the School would like to improve the parking lot. Guardian assisted to adjust the vehicle parking direction and repaint the carpark line marking.
  • Our initiative was well demonstrated.