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Residential Management

Residential projects accounted for 70% of the total management project, including large residential development projects, senior residential, independent houses, and the small and medium-sized residential property assets and government dormitories.

  • We are managing around 170 residential developments, with a total of around 118,000 residential units and a GFA of around 6.5 million s.m..
  • We maximise efficiency and minimise operating costs and risks.
  • We ensure clients a safe and comfortable living surrounding environment.
  • We help creating harmonious atmosphere.
  • We are able to deliver value-added solutions.
  • We promote energy-saving strategies.
  • We render professional technical support services.
  • We develop improvement plans on property facilities and management system.
  • We give professional advice on the planning budgeting and financial projections for annual maintenance and upkeep of the property.