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Privacy-Friendly Awards – Gold Certificate to Savills Guardian


With rising public expectations on the protection of privacy relating to personal data, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD) has been advocating that organisations should embrace the protection of personal data privacy as part of their organisation policy and culture. The PCPD encourages institutional data users in both the public and private sectors in Hong Kong to participate in the Privacy-Friendly Awards 2021 (Awards) and become a member of the privacy-friendly community in promoting personal data privacy.

Three "Privacy Protection Measures" are set as goals for organisations' participation. Depending on the number of "Privacy Protection Measures" already put in place or completed by an organisation, a Gold, Silver or Bronze "Privacy-Friendly" Certificate may be awarded to the organisation to recognise its efforts in promoting the protection of personal data privacy.

Guardian was awarded "Privacy-Friendly Awards – Gold Certificate” that we are used to reinforce strong data protection via training, setting up of data security breach notification, and so forth.