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Establishment of "Savills Academy"


In preparation for further improving staff training and career development, the Group specially set up the "Savills Academy", which works with different professional organizations and educational institutions such as colleges and universities, in order to arrange diversified on-the-job trainings for all levels of colleagues, and provide scholarships and bursary schemes to encourage colleagues of “Lifelong Learning”, so as to obtain professional qualifications.

Treasuring the colleague’s culture, Ms. Angela Chiu, Managing Director of Savills Services Group, has a deep understanding. She said that the property management services provided by Savills are stable and reliable, their colleagues have not slackened during the epidemic. With the hope of "Zero Infection", the Group hopes that society will return to the normal state as soon as possible.

Dr. Johnnie Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Savills Services Group, he mentioned that a positive mind-set can help to solve problems easily. The rapid change of working environment keeps testing the resilience of their colleagues. Despite of this, their colleagues always stay at work to cope with adversity, demonstrating the power of positive mind-set which makes him very proud of them.