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West Kowloon Cultural District – Art Park

West Kowloon

About the Premises:

  • The Art Park is the green heart of the West Kowloon Cultural District.
  • G.F.A. (sq.ft.): 2,475,720.
  • The public can picnic, play games, walk pets, run and ride a SmartBike while enjoying picture perfect views of the harbour and Hong Kong island.
  • Various open-air performances as well as art exhibitions and other cultural events like “Freespace Happening” which features live music, dance, literature themed activities, a handicraft market, creative workshops and much more.
  • The Freespace comprises a black box theatre that can hold up to 900 people and which includes a café/bar where small intimate performances can be accommodated.
  • There are some F&Bs and premium outlets.

Our Achievements

  • At the time we took over the management in 2019, there were many construction work in progress in the adjacent areas.
  • Recruitment of manpower could be a challenge as many workers disliked such construction work site environment.
  • With the full support from our wholly owned companies, the recruitment progress was smooth.