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Life Planning Seminar - SKH St. Benedict's School 


The above seminar was jointly held by Guardian Property Management Limited and SKH St. Benedict's School. During this one-hour sharing period, around 200 students of Form 4 and 5 attended and interacted with the speakers. Meanwhile, a brief introduction of property management industry and sharing of personal learning and work experience by staff from different departments of Guardian were conducted. Participants could refer to various life planning skills from different professional practitioners in order to plan for their own.

Staff of Guardian also encouraged participants by sharing their own experience that they were successfully promoted from junior frontline staff to mid-level managers through continuing learning and education in their free time despite the fact that they could not directly study university right after their secondary school graduation.

Apart from the group’s volunteer team, similar seminars will be held periodically by Guardian to enhance students’ understanding of real-life career circumstance. This is the way that Guardian performs her responsibility to care for the society.


The representative of SKH St. Benedict's School greatly appreciated Guardian to share experience to students. Speakers of Guardian also felt this was meaningful to have chance to deliver value-added service to the customers.

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