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Guardian 40th Anniversary


On 27th September 2017, Guardian invited about 400 guests and staff to our 40th anniversary dinner, and we issued an 8-page supplement on am730 to celebrate this red-letter day. On the day of the anniversary dinner, we set up a large photo backdrop for guests and staff’s signature and photo taking. We had also set up an instant photo booth with various props and accessories, participants shown their funny faces when taking the photos, they all laughed happily when seeing the photo output and shared the good pictures. The dinner was kicked off by the speeches from Mr. Robert McKELLAR - Chief Executive Officer, Savills Asia Pacific; Dr. Raymond Lee - Chief Executive Officer, Savills Greater China; Dr. Johnnie Chan BBS, JP - Chief Executive Officer (Savills Services Group) and Mr. Peter Ho - Managing Director, Savills Guardian Group. Following their speeches, there were cake cutting ceremony and celebration toasting. A video showing the milestones and leaders of Guardian was presented afterward to share Guardian’s brilliant achievements in the past 40 years. All the participants enjoyed the wine, food and karaoke activities, and everybody reveled in the wonderful songs, it was so enjoyable.

Guardian had not spent huge amount of money on advertisements for this 40th anniversary celebration. On the contrary, we have paid loyalty bonuses to our faithful employees who have been working with us for more than 10 years of service. Also, we customized about 10,000 thermos bottle as souvenir for each of our group members. All these, not only in line with Guardian’s sincere and honest business style, but also demonstrating Guardian’s respect and care of its staff. Guardian stands on the profession for 40 years. This is really not easy at all. Guardian will spare no effort in continuing self-improvement so as to render quality services to our valuable customers, and ultimately cntinue our success in the future.